Van Halen, Vicki, and Vickie

Today I am grateful for the opportunity to roller skate with middle school students yesterday. I am also grateful for food in our refrigerator and money in our bank account.

"V" is for Van Halen, another one of those rock groups that defined my youth. But I must say that my favorite song is one that digressed a bit from their usual. That song is 1992's Right Now.

We could stop at the title; a great reminder to pause in the moment. The song gives the listener many other things to consider though.

A couple of other "V" artists that come to mind are Vicki Lawrence and her song The Night The Lights Went Out in Georgia and Vickie Sue Robinson's Turn the Beat Around.

Right now I am feeling ready for the day, a moment at a time. If needed, if I get sidetracked I can pause and turn the beat back around to a healthier one.