One Hit Wonders

Today I am grateful for the beauty of today's early morning moon and for easy access to clean and safe water.

I have been enjoying this musical journey through the alphabet and hope you have too. I also have enjoyed many one hit wonders. From the 1970's, songs like Seasons in the Sun by Terry Jacks, Sky High by Jigsaw, and Magic by Pilot come to mind. There's another one from 1990 that has always remained a favorite of mine. I even had a single cassette of it back in the day. That song was Joey by Concrete Blond.

With the ease of the Internet at my fingertips now, I have been researching some of the songs and artists I am writing about. I found out that Joey was written by lead singer Johnette Napolitano and is about being in love with an alcoholic. The alcoholic she was writing about died of liver failure in 2002.

Listen to Joey and see the video, depicting an anguished lone drinker, here.

The song resonated with me in my early sobriety. It still resonates today. And leaves me feeling a deep sense of gratitude to have made my way into recovery, with the help of caring and concerned friends and family.