Raised on Radio and Running

Today I am grateful for an enjoyable and entertaining dinner theater experience last evening with Darcy. I am also grateful for the conveniences of our local community.

I was literally raised on radio, and I am proud of it! None of this music on demand, any song, any time you want it, instantly. We had limited options and a thrill when a favorite song came on. It was random and unexpected, increasing our appreciation. Instant gratification takes some of the fun out of it somehow.

I remember how cool it was when on a clear night we might be able to get WLS out of Chicago on our little kitchen radio. That's the radio where we listened intently for school delays or closings and also enjoyed songs together as we washed and wiped many dishes on many days.

Raised on Radio is also an album and song released by Journey in 1986, but the version I like more is the 1984 song Raised on Radio by the Ravyns.

One time I really enjoy the randomness of songs on the radio is when I am out running. I wear an armband radio when I run solo, and it can be downright inspiring at times when a certain song comes on to fit my mood and/or stride.  I grew up running and listening to the radio and those were two of my healthier choices in my youth. They remain good choices for me today.

Speaking of running, Running on Empty by Jackson Browne is a favorite running and life song for me. Other "R" songs and artists worth a mention include the Rolling Stones and Ruby Tuesday, Rainbow and their song Stone Cold, and The Clash's Rock the Casbah. 

What are some of your memories of being raised on radio?