U2 and Under Pressure

Today I am grateful for time to reflect on fasting and different ways of fasting.  I am also grateful for our kitchen and working appliances.

The band U2 quickly came to mind when I reached today's letter. My husband Darcy and I saw U2 in concert in 2001 at the Target Center in Minneapolis. A little Internet search reminds me that it was their Elevation tour and tells me the date was May 1. We were trying to get pregnant and we were doing some things we figured we wouldn't be able to afford or have time for once a baby came along (which Sam did in early 2002).

The concert was a little disappointing, not because of U2, but more because of our upper deck seats. But they have been far from disappointing in the many songs they have given me to enjoy.

The list of some of my favorites from U2 include:

All I Want Is You  
I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For  
Pride (In the Name of Love)  
With or Without You
Sunday Bloody Sunday

A song from Queen and David Bowie, with the title of Under Pressure, is one I wish to acknowledge here as well.  What a great collaboration! Listen to it here.

I like the song and I like the reminder to consider where pressure may be building in my life and what I can and should do about that. Pausing to be mindfully grateful in this moment is always a pressure release and helps me see solutions more readily.

Are you putting yourself under pressure? Is it helpful or a hindrance? Take a mindful pause before proceeding.