Another Bench Message

Today I am grateful for playful squirrels I got to enjoy watching, and for time with our inquisitive grandson Leo this morning.

I saw another good message on a bench along a trail the other day. This bench is about a mile from our house, on a stretch of trail we pass many times, on foot and on our bikes. Because it is close to home, we don't typically stop there. I had never read the memorial plaque on this one.

So the other day I decided to stop. I love this portion of our city's trail system. It is one of my favorite places to watch the seasons come and go. This bench also affords a nice view of the minor river that goes through our city. Not the Mississippi across town, but the Vermillion. The sound of the river flowing by is also a welcome treat from this vantage point.

Taking a moment to read the plaque, I saw that it was dedicated to a local couple who "loved the great outdoors." It closed with this quote:

"Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience.&…

Hitched to the Universe

Living gratefully, I am enjoying beautiful music and the view of clouds clearing after an earlier thunderstorm. I am also grateful for the women I got to spend time with last night at BC support group.

On Sunday, I wrote about being open to the universe. Then, I came across this quote:

"When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe."  (John Muir)

I went forward with this thought and considered how very true it is. Here are just a few examples:
*Our breaths and the air we take in, part of the Earth's atmosphere.

*A person and the parents who made that life possible, and it starts with a few cells.

*The pilot of a plane and the passengers on that plane, brought there by innovation.

*When I pet our dog Oliver we both feel the warmth and love; living beings connecting.

*Enjoying the smell of freshly mowed grass, those who were mowing it, and the grass growing because of the rain that nourishes the soil it is in.

*My legs chur…

No Hands, No Breasts

Today I am grateful for my siblings and for the play of dew on the grass with the sunlight this morning.

The other day I was biking and thinking about being playful. "Play" is my focus word for the year, given to me randomly by a friend each new year for the last few years. I knew it would be a stretch for me and it has been. Lighten up Lisa! I can be and I am playful. I have a sense of humor that is appreciated by others and myself. But playful is not a word I would use to describe myself.

I explored this lighter-hearted concept on my bike recently. Sometimes I will swerve from one side of the path to the other in playful fashion. Sometimes I ride with no hands on the handlebars...whee! I appreciate that I can still balance myself for a nice stretch. (As long as the stretch is flat and straight.)

Balance. Balance the present with our previous experiences. Today's date, July 17, sticks in my memory. July 17, 2008 was the date of the first surgery to address the cancer in…

Double the Awe

Today I am grateful for rest, rainbows, and recovery.

Last evening, after a day of oppressive heat and humidity, a thunderstorm went through and offered some relief. As the clouds cleared after the storm and we neared dusk, we were treated to rainbows. A double rainbow was visible at times, and is barely visible in this first picture.

The time of day, the sun's angle, and Great Spirit collaborated to bring deeper color than is usual, and the awesome show lasted for more than 20 minutes. I stood out in our driveway and took it in. As usual with nature's awe, my phone camera can't capture it all. It is not meant to. Such things are meant to be experienced. Darcy and Sam stepped out for a view, but I stayed out.

At one point, as I stood near the road looking up, a woman driving by slowed down and rolled her window down. We didn't know each other, but we were sharing this view. She said "There are two aren't there?"  I said "Yes, and they are amazing.&qu…


Living gratefully today, I appreciate sweet cherries and our dog Oliver.

Today's blog post is #2200. I never would have guessed I would be at this over seven years already. I am frequently inspired with post ideas from what I hear and read as I move through my days. Or just daily life happenings, and little things noted and noticed. At other times, the inspiration is profound and beyond the ordinary stuff of life.

I celebrate #2200 with a list of 22 things that have been learned and reinforced from
blogging hundreds of posts:

1. "Real writers really write." I am a real writer. I no longer hold back on describing myself as one.
2. When the words flow and I am clicking on all cylinders, it is an awesome feeling.
3. This flow doesn't happen every day, but it happens regularly enough that I believe in it.
4. The discipline of regular morning writing frees me for other pursuits in my day, writing and other.
5. Whether someone else reads a post or not, it has mattered.
6. …

Open to the Universe

Today I am grateful for the laughs an old movie provided last evening and for time with friends and acquaintances from connections we have in our community through recovery and through Sam's football team.

My goal each day, to put it in short form, is to stay out of my own way. When I am overthinking and overdoing, my typical state, I am under feeling. I am impeding my own efforts to live in the present.

When I am not paying attention, I miss plenty of messages from the Universe, plenty of meaningful connections between the world, the people and other living beings in it, and I. Connections that take place on more than one sensory level.

Paying attention and just being in the moment, I capture experiences, emotions, and what the Universe is emitting to simple beings like me.

Here are a few things I noted in recent days:

-A long yellow light and no line at the Post Office just when I needed to gain some time.

-The charge at that USPS stop came to $34.50, the same amount of the fine…

A Welcoming Bench

Living gratefully today, I am experiencing a sense of peace and also enjoying watching two squirrels playfully chase each other. 
Happy Anniversary to my stepson Arthur and his wife Alyssa! Have a special day :-) 
I noticed this bench as I ran on a stretch of trail near Arthur and Alyssa's house last week. Darcy and I also took walks with our grandson Aaron riding in his stroller. It is a nice stretch of trail because it highlights nature, the song of birds prevails, and there are shaded areas most welcome on warm and humid mornings.
I rarely sit at benches along trails. I am usually just running or biking past. I didn't sit at this one in the picture below either, but the plaque caught my eye as I ran past. It says "Here Comes the Sun." It's a more creative message as far as memorial bench plaques go. 

It's an inviting message, a welcoming message to greet the new day, greet the fresh light. Below is a picture of today's sun arriving.  Here comes the su…