More Will Be Revealed

Today I am grateful for the arrival of spring and more daylight. I am also grateful for electricity and the ease of making a pot of coffee to share.

As the snow and ice have been receding in recent days, more of the roadways, trails, sidewalks, and open spaces are being revealed. We see earth and dirt and last year's grass and leaves. More will be revealed and then this year's new grass and leaves will spring forth.

More will be revealed. That phrase also captures my spiritual life. It has endless potential for new growth and deepening. If I have an open mind and heart, more will be revealed to help guide me, to remind me that I am never alone, that I don't have to "figure it out."

I just need to live, a moment at a time, a day at a time, striving to pay attention and do the next right thing. Striving to add to the positive stream of life, to help, not hinder.

Like the snow and ice recede to reveal the ever-changing landscape, as my ego and resistance recede, mo…

"God with skin on."

Living gratefully, I notice the presence of a Great Spirit in my own spiritual practices and in the faces and faith of others.

The daily work I try to do for my daily disease of alcoholism is made "easier" because of the people who share their recovery wisdom and grace with me, who share their laughter and their tears with me. I see both their joy and pain in their faces and hear it in their voices.

It is such humble grace and a true gift to know people on this level, on this common ground of addiction and recovery, of hope and new beginnings.

My growth as a human with an increasing understanding of humility, in the good sense, are keys to knowing some peace and serenity in my days. I am my worst enemy, my biggest obstacle. Always have been and probably always will be. Call it ego, call it self-centeredness. Call it what it is-forgetting to seek the support of a Higher Power.

I like the line "I need God with skin on." That is what I have among my recovery friends. …

The Joy in Stairs and Brooms

Today I am grateful for the family time we shared this weekend and especially for time with both of our grandsons Aaron and Leo.

I included a picture of Leo in a recent post. Here is our younger grandson Aaron. He is almost 19 months old and is a little guy on the move.

He had fun both indoors and out, with two-legged animals and a four-legged one too. He particularly liked his many trips up and the down the stairs in our multi-level house, with an adult always in close proximity. His stairs skills don't quite match his speed and enthusiasm just yet.
Most of all, he enjoyed getting his hands on some of our brooms. Pushing some around in the garage and pushing this one around our kitchen. What a look (and sound to match) of thrill and excitement each time he closed back in on that broom. It was fun to participate with him and also witness his joy.
Pardon the pun, but our grandsons sweep us off our feet with reminders to find fun in the simple things and take time to play. Thank you…


Today I am grateful for my siblings; seven sisters and five brothers. And I am grateful for socks.

Socks. How often do I think about socks? Not very. Maybe briefly when I am putting them on and taking them off, or when they get wet, my feet are cold, or the too-frequent hole in the big toe develops. Otherwise, I pretty much take my drawer full of socks for granted.

Socks are simple, colorful, short, long, thick, thin. In the part of the world I live in, with a few dollars, anyone can buy socks to pretty much fit any need they may have. I am most particular about my running socks, but I do appreciate any quality sock that also fits well.

Then there are the feet to put the socks on, the legs to go with the feet. The upper body and arms, and a brain too, that allow me to move forward with my feet, socks or no socks.

The simplicity of socks. The layers of gratefulness they evoke.

I will be taking a blog break over the weekend. Have a good one!

4 Already!?

Living gratefully, I appreciate the journey that my husband Darcy and I are on as Papa and Gigi to our two grandsons, Leo and Aaron.

Happy Birthday today Leo! Four years old already! Here are two pictures of Papa and Leo. The first is just hours after Leo was born. The second is last evening when we took the birthday boy out for dinner.

It is such joy to be a grandparent and get to spend time with the boys when we are able. Leo is a talker and a little character. It's never a dull moment with him. I love his energy. We look forward to when we can get back outside regularly and play in the backyard or at the park. Or go for a bike ride.
Both Leo and Aaron remind us of the gifts that family brings. And they remind us of what is important. Stay in the moment and be sure to play some each and every day!
Have a special day Leo!

Sacred Mystery

Today I am grateful for the opportunity to share and discuss with others this idea and practice of living gratefully. Thank you to all who joined me at last evening's Rivertown Gratefulness Gathering. You made it meaningful and energizing.

I also appreciate the following words from Michael Mahoney, which fit so nicely with how I am feeling and what I am thinking about this morning:
"There are many things to be grateful "for" but, as I ripen with the seasons of life,  the many reasons blend into a sacred mystery. And, most deeply, I realize that living gratefully is its own blessing." 
The words "ripen with the seasons of life" bring a smile. Ripening sounds more palatable than getting older. But either way, another day to live is a gift. 
Sacred mystery. So much of life is a sacred mystery.  The word sacred if often heard in religious terms. The meaning here, to me, is spiritual and implies great respect and reverence for life and all it entails.
All it …

The Tool of Gratitude

Living gratefully, I am feeling a gentle kindness and compassion toward myself that is sometimes lacking and limited. This allows me to better see opportunities to be kind and compassionate to others.

Thank you to my sister Aileen for today's blog topic. She sent an email with "the tool of gratitude" in the subject line. She went on to share this wisdom --"like any tool, it doesn't work unless I pick it up" and then several things on her own gratitude list for the day. I appreciate both the impact of and the simplicity in this tool.

So I picked it up and started this list of gratitudes:

-knowing my way around our house in the dark, so I don't wake others
-the others in my house-husband Darcy, son Sam, dog Oliver
-then being able to easily switch on a lamp and light the way
-giving thought to the rest of our family and looking forward to seeing them soon
-this includes our two grandsons Leo and Aaron
-and my stepchildren Emily and Arthur and Arthur's…