Putting into Practice

Today I am grateful for the financial resources our family has and the various forms of insurance we are able to carry. I am also grateful for a visit with my friend and retired co-worker Julie.

This quote from Peace Pilgrim at gave me a reminder that we already have what we need, we simply can let it shine through:
"It isn't more light we need, it's putting into practice what light we already have. When we do that, wonderful things will happen within  our lives and within our world."
Peace Pilgrim walked, she kept it simple. She walked over 25,000 miles in a 28-year period. She carried only a comb and toothbrush, and she walked a peace pilgrimage, touching and inspiring many others. Read more about her life at

Walking and sharing was her light. She let her light shine, opening the door for others to let theirs shine as well. She didn't block her own light, and she tried to not be an obstacle to others.

How often am I a…

Solitude in the Snow

Today I am grateful for the family time we enjoyed together this weekend and for an afternoon nap.

After a school field trip and family visitors over the last few days, I was seeking the solitude of a run. As an introvert, time to myself helps replenish and nourish me.

Yesterday morning I cleaned the house and took care of laundry, noticing that snow had started to fall. I had gotten to experience the first snowfall of the season on our school trip to northern Minnesota last week, but this was the first of the season here at home.

By the time I got a few groceries and changed into my running attire, I was itching to run and looked
forward to being out in the snow.

Taking my favorite stretch of trail through a wooded area with a corn field alongside as well, my destination was one of the top spots for me in our community's network of trails... a high bridge over the Vermillion River, near the falls. Great view anytime, spectacular amid a flurry of snowflakes. (Pardon the pun.)

It w…

"Life is a Beautiful Ride"

Today I am grateful for family time this weekend and for the relaxing fire we gathered around last evening, smores included.

I also appreciate being able to go to the celebration of life for my friend Tibor. I was worried I would miss all of it because of the school field trip I was on, but I was able to go yesterday to a gathering, pay my respects, offer sympathy to his family, and talk with others touched by this kind-hearted soul.

Tibor liked to ride his motorcycle. There were pictures of him on his cycle and at events like Sturgis.
And there was this phrase evident: "Life is a beautiful ride." That fit Tibor and the way he approached life. Always ready with a warm hug, a joke, and his deeply spiritual presence.

"Life is a beautiful ride." Living gratefully allows me to see and experience more of that beauty. In things like pushing our little grandson Aaron in his stroller for a couple of walks yesterday. Or watching our other grandson Leo run around our backya…

MBC Awareness Day 2018

Today I am grateful for safe travels, a good experience overall, and beautiful natural surroundings for the school trip I helped chaperone. I am also grateful for my fellow chaperones, students and their energy, snow, and warm layers of clothing.

Add to that this morning time with our family. My stepson Arthur, his wife Alyssa, and son Aaron are here visiting. This is treasured time because they live several hours away. We went to Sam's football game last night, a cold October evening perfect for football. Sam's team won and is now 6-1, enjoying the best season the school has had in years.

Many blessings, new memories. cherished time. Always lurking though, not far from the forefront of my mind, is the specter of metastatic breast cancer. Today is Metastatic Breast Cancer Awareness Day. I have written numerous posts about BC and it's advanced version-MBC.

Cancer that stays in the breast is not deadly. But when it leaves the breast and spreads to other areas of the body, kn…

2000 MM

Today I am grateful for recovery wisdom and laughter shared by others, and for this blog; what it teaches me and how it helps me grow.

This blog and the writing I do here is about expressing gratitude and about living gratefully in each day. From the first foot on the ground getting out of bed in the morning, to being able to see road signs and markings as I drive. From having ears that hear the laughter of loved ones, to the range of emotions I am blessed to feel.

Another milestone has been reached for this blogger. When I hit the "publish" button in a few minutes, it will be post #2000. I am amazed and humbled by this. One post at a time. One day at a time. I like the visual of 2000 below. Like an odometer racks up a mile at a time, a blogger adds a post at a time.

Some posts have flowed freely, others were a struggle. Some have surprised me in their intensity. Others were more mundane. They have all mattered on this journey of living gratefully. There is no limit on the g…

Simple, Not Always Easy

Today I am grateful for the entertainment of the Middle School Cabaret at my school on Saturday evening and for the bike ride Darcy and I enjoyed yesterday, amid the growing spectacle of fall color.

Life, when trimmed back to basic needs, is simple. If we have food, water, shelter, contact with other humans and nature, we pretty much have what we need.

For some, attaining these basic necessities is not an easy endeavor. They walk miles to gather water of questionable cleanliness. They rebuild a fragile shack after a hurricane or an earthquake toppled it.

And for some, like me, fully appreciating the basic necessities is not an easy endeavor. I tend to take them for granted because I have pretty much always had them.  Living gratefully, pausing to notice, helps me come back to this clarity. I have all that I need and much more.

I have so many blessings. To honor them, the best I can do is take good care of it all and pass on to others what I can. This passing on isn't just about i…

Something Marvelous

Today I am grateful for time to sit outside to begin my day, and for the coming daylight as I compose this post.

I am posting for the second time today, something I rarely do. I am a creature of habit, but it feels good to step beyond the usual. Just like it felt good to step outside for the first time this morning when I took our dog Oliver for a walk earlier.

We are now in the midst of my favorite season of the year. I love fall. I always have. The refreshing feel of cooler and drier air. The comfort of warm layers, and hats and gloves when needed. The smell of fallen leaves, and the sound they make as they rustle in the breeze. The colors that dot the landscape only at this time of the year.

A walk with my sisters and a run with my husband yesterday were chances to be out in the day, in the fresh air. I crave the outdoors daily, and I honor that craving. It's a healthy one and I plan to keep feeding it.

I appreciate experiencing nature through my five senses, all in good workin…