Snow and Leo

Today I am grateful for flexibility from others and myself. I am also grateful for opportunity and ability to shovel snow.

I am taking a break today from my musical alphabet. The weather yesterday gave us an opportunity to help my stepdaughter Emily out and get to spend time with our grandson Leo. I had the enjoyment of sharing a nap with 10-month old Leo.

He slept longer than I did, but because he was sleeping on my shoulder and grandmas don't want to risk waking a sleeping baby, I sat quietly longer than I usually do. Watching the snow outside from the safety of my recliner was appreciated. Seeing this face when he woke up was even more appreciated:

We ended up shoveling snow four times to keep up with the 10-12 inches we got. Shoveling snow always brings me a good dose of gratitude. I am able-bodied and alive. I can shovel snow. I can pause and enjoy the fresh air and snow on the trees. I am blessed. We all are.