Brrr . . . It's a Three Dog Night

Today I am grateful for my sister Zita (Happy Birthday Zita!) and for all of my siblings.

The band Three Dog Night has a unique name, reportedly referring to indigenous Australians and sleeping with dogs to stay warm. If it was cold it was a two dog night, but the coldest nights were a three dog night. Regardless of their name, I enjoy their music. Out in the Country and Easy To Be Hard would have to be my favorites of their many hits.

Where I live, last night was definitely a three dog night. Thankfully, I live in a house with working heat and have enough winter attire to keep me warm when I need to venture outside.

The letter "T" is loaded with some other great artists. Toto. Tina Turner. Tom Petty. Todd Rundgren.

I also need to mention Time is on My Side from the Rolling Stones and Takin' Me Back from Cheap Trick. Listen to this last song here.  Chalk it up as another one of those somewhat sad, dark songs I was drawn to.

Taking me back. That is just what an old song does for me. It takes me back to memories-some good, some difficult. Some great, some just mundane.

But how nice to have memories to go back to. How nice to be able to retrieve those memories from our brains. How sad when dementia, or an accident, or cancer, takes that ability away.

There is much to be grateful for today. I will take that thought with me throughout the day.