A Glorious Late February Day

Today I am grateful for nature in many forms and I am also grateful for the comfort food of goulash.

We had a weather treat yesterday. The temperature pushed near 60 degrees. The sun shone. The snow melted.

We haven't had a tough winter this year at all, but it still wears on a person. So I took delight in driving with the car windows open a bit. I appreciated sitting on our back patio enjoying some time with Darcy. We opened windows in our house and gave thanks for the freshness we could smell.

I went for my first run in a week, after being sick with the flu, in capris and short sleeves.  Though decidedly sluggish and still recovering, it sure felt good to have fresh air on more than my face.

Later in the afternoon, Sam and I took to our side street and played a little catch with a football. Several others walked, ran, and even biked past in the short time we were out there. It was simply a glorious late February day and I am glad we got to enjoy it.

Today was my dad's birthday. I always think of him on his birthday. I miss him and I am most saddened that my son Sam never got to have some conversations with him. But I think about the many ways his legacy lives on--in my siblings and I, and in our children.