Two Photographs and a Peace Train

Today I am grateful for pen and paper and for the ease of eating bananas and clementines.

It just so happens that Photograph is the title of not one, but two songs I really like. The first is Ringo Starr's Photograph and can be heard here. The second is the Def Leppard song that can be heard here. The first was released in 1973, the second early in 1983, the year I graduated from high school.

I am grateful for both versions of Photograph, but also the hundreds and thousands of photographs taken over the course of my life. Many are in photo albums that go back to my childhood. Even with digital prints easily stored on phones and computers, I still get real prints made from time to time. I don't quite like or trust everything being stored on some device. A photograph can't fully be appreciated until it is held in one's hands or looked at in a frame. In my opinion anyway.

Growing up, we didn't have many photographs taken. There is only one of me as a young baby, and it's not a close-up. I recall one of our family photo albums that has what must be annual pictures, probably around the holidays because I remember being in coats and boots, and there's an additional sibling in each photo. We can tell who the baby is by counting the other kids. I am grateful for those pictures, but it is why I haven't skimped on pictures of my own family.

Then there is the song Peace Train by Cat Stevens. It carries a message as valuable today as it did when it was released in 1971. There's room for us all on the peace train-regardless of skin color, religious leanings, political viewpoints, sexual orientation, and any other differences that can either divide us or bring us together with love and tolerance.

Peace Train was also on the sound track of the wonderful movie "Remember the Titans." Here is a clip from the movie.

Where do you need peace in your life today? Where can you bring peace to others?


  1. Interesting comment about photographs Lisa. How many children today would have just one photograph. Our grandson, I'm sure like your little Leo, by his 10th birthday will need two weeks solid to go through all his photos and videos. It's a blessing and something to most grateful for. Thank you for your regular posts and for this trip down memory lane with music. The effort in sharing your gratitudes ripples from your keypad through your community and beyond and even to those who don't read it by the actions f those who do... in gratitude.

    1. I so appreciate your words about the ripple effect our actions have on those around us. I am a more loving and tolerant wife, mother, co-worker, and fellow human when I regularly practice gratitude. Thanks!


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