Leo, Oliver, and Some More Music: A 3 x 3

Today I am grateful for the many gifts I see when I pause long enough to notice. I am grateful for the ways that gratitude practice makes progress possible in my life.

Here is an easy way to practice gratitude. List 3 items, people, experiences, or any combination thereof. Then put 3 reasons you are grateful for each. The list grows quickly and the gratitude adds up.

So here is a recent 3 x 3 for me:

1. Our grandson Leo-his interest in our dog Oliver, his smile, his toddling first walking steps

2. Our dog Oliver-his playful nature, morning walks together, how each member of the family loves him a little bit differently

3. More musical favorites-John Cougar Mellencamp, Asia, and Steve Winwood

Create your own 3 x 3 today. (Or 2 x 2, or 4 x 4. It all works!)