A Toast to Toast

Today I am grateful for laughter in a meeting with colleagues. I am also grateful for pizza, ice cream,
and toast.

Toast. What a simple pleasure. You put a piece or two of bread in the toaster, give it a couple minutes, gather butter or peanut butter, jelly or not. Soon, you have hot toasted bread to top with your favorite choices.

I prefer toast that is medium-toasted. Not too light, not too dark. And it is imperative to get the butter or peanut butter on the bread while it is still hot. That is where the deliciousness comes in. Melted butter or peanut butter makes or breaks my toast. Cold toast won't do.

I sure do sound picky. I am spoiled I guess.

How fortunate to have bread, a toaster, electricity . . .

I will be taking a blog break until early next week. Have a good weekend!