Give It A Rest

Today I am grateful for phone conversations and an afternoon nap yesterday. I am also grateful for a surprise visit from my friend Betsy.

Though feeling considerably better, the virus that took hold in me hasn't made a complete exit, so I continue to make rest a priority. That is not always something I am good at. I push myself and fill my days from early in the morning until running out of gas somewhere in the evening. And that pace certainly could have made me vulnerable to viral attack.

My body said "enough" and I literally was limited by my energy level. That makes it much easier to prioritize. Do I have to get anything else done before I rest? When you aren't feeling good, the answer is quicker to come. Stop pushing. Start resting.

I have gone to bed earlier and slept in a little. I have taken more naps. I have kept my expectations reasonable and low. It has all helped me provide better self-care. Give it a rest Lisa. Give it a rest.