Night Ranger and Nilsson

Today I am grateful for the strength and wisdom of others in recovery from alcoholism and what they teach me. I am also grateful for the peace that can be found in a simple pause.

When I think of the rock group Night Ranger, the first song that comes to mind is Sister Christian. Add to that list songs like Goodbye, When You Close Your Eyes, Sentimental Street, Sing Me Away, and Four in the Morning. Songs can transport us back in time and where Sister Christian takes me is to college softball days. We had plenty of fun cheering for each other from the bench, on long bus rides, and in the midst of games and practices.

On an interesting side note, Sister Christian was written and sung by drummer Kelly Keagy for his sister Christy. Goodbye was written by bassist and lead singer Jack Blades, in memory of his brother who died of a drug overdose.

Harry Nilsson's song Without You was the first song on a greatest hits album we had when I was growing up. I am sure I wore the grooves out playing it over and over. It's another one of those painful, despairing sorts of songs that appealed to me in my confused and insecure youth.  Today it is a reminder to me of healing and moving forward.

What songs transport you to different times? What songs help you heal? Take a listen to some of them today.