Today I am grateful for progress in terms of overcoming the flu and also in terms of understanding how gratitude practice works.

Though I felt better in some ways yesterday, the area where my flu bug started-my throat and upper respiratory area-continued to scream at me when I needed to cough. Ouch! I was hoping that it was exiting the way it entered, but it is taking it's sweet old time. Patience needed by the patient.

So I plod along reminding myself that rest is best and that my job is important, but not that important.

I am incrementally feeling better. Usually recovery from illness is a process. I can't just flip a switch and everything is better.

Recovery from alcoholism is the same way. I continue to make incremental progress, amazed at how far I have come, a day at a time, an hour at a time.

Even gratitude practice is about incremental progress. I couldn't go from a negative mindset, full of self-pity and demeaning thoughts of my flawed life, to a positive mindset, just like that. I had to take it slow and learn that negative could be replaced with positive and that my default mode of thinking could follow suit. I had to learn that daily actions lead to new habits and healthier habits lead to more nurturing perspectives.

Incrementally speaking, life is good today.


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