Today I am grateful for rest, recliners, and comfortable slippers.

I continue to feel better other than a persistent cough. I have renewed respect for people who deal with chronic health conditions. A few days of feeling sick and not my usual energetic self and I was so ready to move on and get back to 100%. Some people don't have that option. They have the option of making the best of difficult and uncomfortable symptoms. Daily efforts can lead to some daily peace.

I was sitting in my recliner last evening, appreciating the rest and quiet after a tough week. I wondered what I might want to blog about today and I looked down at the slippers on my feet. There you have it. Today's blog topic.

Darcy and I actually both have the same slippers right now. We found 2 pairs on clearance and got them for $8 a pair. We love a good deal! They are men's slippers, which tend to fit my big feet better anyway, and be more supportive. Besides, I am not one of those who likes fluff and pretty stuff on my slippers or most other articles in my wardrobe either.

I did take a permanent marker and put a heart on each of my slippers so we could tell our pairs apart. That's the extent of the fluff.

I have never been a real fan of going barefoot, indoors or out. In the cooler months especially, my feet need socks and slippers to feel cozy and warm. In the summer, I tend to give the slippers a rest, but not for long.

I am grateful for my slippers. Grateful that I can slip them on when I get up in the morning and make my way around a quiet house. Grateful when I get home from a work day that I can take off my shoes, shoes that have literally put miles on, and ease into those welcoming slippers again.