Today I am grateful for an outdoor run this morning and the opportunity to welcome the coming daylight. I am also grateful for the music of the band Queen.

To write about Queen when I got to "Q" was a no-brainier for me. I grew up with Queen and one of their biggest hits was Bohemian Rhapsody. Thanks to the movie "Wayne's World," many children of the '90's know the song, but they can't claim it like those of us who grew up in the '70's can. It was released for the first time in 1975 and regained popularity in 1992 with "Wayne's World."

If I had to pick my favorite Queen song, I would go with Play the Game, but We Will Rock You/We Are the Champions, You're My Best Friend, Somebody to Love, and Killer Queen come to mind as well as Bohemian Rhapsody of course.

In fact, in the picture below, the 45 LP on the far left is Play the Game.

I dug these out of storage a few days ago as I take this trip through musical memories. I couldn't find the green 45 I got for my 12th birthday though-ELO's Telephone Line. If you are curious, the other 45's in the picture are Foreigner's Blue Morning, Blue Day, My Fair Share from Seals and Crofts, and Games People Play from the Alan Parsons Project. The 8-track tape is Nazareth.

A recent picture, but many past memories.

Thank you Freddie Mercury and the rest of Queen for some unique rock songs.

Do you have a music archives of your own? What is in it?