The Soul of Music

Today I am grateful for calm thoughts this morning and for the influx of joy that comes with endorphins and gratitude practice.

I am about to commence my fourth A-Z gratitude list on this blog.  The others have been fairly random, working my way through the alphabet with words that came to mind for one reason or another. This time, my A-Z list will have a theme: music.

(If you are interested in looking at the other A-Z lists I have blogged, start here.)

Songs that have been on my life's playlist for a long time. Artists and musicians that have given me a good earful. I love rock and roll and the oldies, so you are forewarned that those two areas will be heavily represented.

When I saw this quote, it seemed like a good way to launch this A-Z journey:

"What is a soul? It's like electricity-we don't really know what it is, 
but it's a force that can light a room."  
(Ray Charles)

That describes what music means to me and does for me. It's a force for positive emotion. It's a force to help me process difficult feelings. It's a force to spark memories as well as cement them. Sometimes it is the words that resonate, sometimes the music, and usually the combination of both. 

I can't always explain why some words or a certain sound or note touch me so deeply, but I think you understand because we all have those kind of songs on our playlists.

Listen to a favorite song today and let it touch your soul. Rock on!


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