Forgotten "Friends"

Today I am grateful for an enjoyable birthday for Sam, time with our grandson Leo, and for the simple deliciousness of "jubilee jumble" cookies.

Somewhere in my musical explorations of recent days, I was listening to an Amy Grant song and came across Michael W. Smith's Friends. You can listen to it here. I hadn't heard the song in years and had pretty much forgotten about it. It took me back to my college softball days and teammates who introduced me to both Amy Grant and Michael W. Smith. I would describe their music as Christian rock. I went on to listen to plenty of Amy Grant especially.

Like many songs, forgotten and unheard over time, the words and the music playing again took me back to that time. These memories were pleasant ones. Good times during our softball season travels and nights in hotel rooms with lots of laughter.

I only keep in touch with a handful of my former softball teammates. What has happened to the rest? How are they doing in their lives?  How could that be over 30 years ago already?

And then I think about other old friends I have lost touch with. The kind that were meant to be in my life only for a time. Teaching colleagues. Recovery connections. You made a difference in my life.
Thank you!

Just in case I haven't talked about enough music in this post, here are some other songs with "friend" in the title that I really enjoy hearing:

You're My Best Friend by Queen
Friends in Low Places by Garth Brooks
You've Got a Friend versions by James Taylor and Carole King

Reach out to a friend today. Thank them for touching your life. 


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    1. Thanks! I am enjoying this musical alphabet and there is plenty of material.


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