For My Son on His 14th Birthday

Today I am grateful for my son Sam and for the shared parenting my husband Darcy and I do.

Sam was born 14 years ago this morning, just before 5:00 a.m. Fitting that this early bird gave birth to her only child early in the day as well. How could he be 14 already? It happens quickly. He starts high school in the fall and will be learning to drive before long. The last couple years have seen the chubby cheeks give way to the lean look of a young man. Here he is in this year's wrestling picture:

He looks tough, but he's still my baby and he still lets his mom hug him. He is quiet and gentle for the most part, with his quirks and whims like we all have. They define him and I love them all. I am proud of Sam and how he is growing and developing, levelheaded and with future direction. I appreciate that he has a sense of self and a confidence I never had at his age. We have worked hard to be consistent parents and to teach him important values while laughing with and loving him through it all. 

He has also hit the age that was pivotal in my life. I started drinking a few months after I turned 14. We talk about it some and I want Sam to know about that aspect of my life. I know it is only a matter of time before he faces decisions about drinking and other things I would prefer to shelter him from but know I cannot. I only hope he has listened and that he will make better choices than I did. Parenting is an ongoing leap of faith isn't it?

Happy Birthday Sam! I love you.  


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