A "Hallelujah" to bring them "Home"

Today I am grateful for a phone call from my oncologist's nurse confirming good blood work results and for other reminders to not take this precious and fragile life for granted.

I am thinking especially of my good friend Jenny and her family today. Her sister Susan died on Sunday, another casualty of cancer.

The beauty and power of music and our favorite songs is that they elicit emotional connections for us. Sometimes those connections are joyous. Sometimes they are full of sorrow. Sometimes both. A good song touches us on a visceral level and beyond. On a given day a song may make us smile. On a different day, the same song can move us to tears.

When we visited my sister Danita in December following the death of her husband Roger from Lewy Body Dementia, she shared this song with us: Hallelujah by Allison Crowe. She shared that they played it for Roger in his last living hours. I have listened to it many times since, thinking of Danita and the grief she is facing in these first months since his death.  Never Again is a post I wrote for Roger.

Home by Phillip Phillips was played at the funeral for Chris, the brother of my good friend Sheila. He died suddenly at age 47 three years ago. A Sad Day, But a Good Day is a post I wrote about his untimely death and attending his funeral.

A "Hallelujah" to bring our loved ones "Home."  It is a grief-stricken journey, but what a joyous thing life is.

Thinking of Chris, Roger, and Susan, and how to live today as the gift it is.