Sir Elton, Some ELO, and Real Perspective

Today I am grateful for time in my recliner this morning. I am also grateful for the time my new oncologist spent getting to know me yesterday and for his gentle approach. My previous oncologist, who I really liked, left that clinic. This was my first annual visit with the new one. All went well.

There are no shortage of "E" artists in the music arena. Elton John is indeed a superstar on the world's musical stage, in more ways than one. What a prolific and successful career he has had over five decades, including more than fifty Top 40 hits. We all have our favorites. Mine include Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, Tiny Dancer, and Someone Saved My Life Tonight. The last song rang true for me on some of my worst drunken nights. Thank you again to my steadfast friends Sheila and Deb. I write about them in Life Saver #1 and Life Saver #2.

Then there is ELO: The Electric Light Orchestra. One of the very first 45s I got of my own was "Telephone Line" for my 12th birthday. It was even green vinyl. I thought that was really cool. Some of my ELO favorites include: Mt. Blue Sky, Livin' Thing, and Can't Get It Out of My Head. This last song continues to carry meaning for me today. What do I have in my head? My thoughts create my reality and my perceptions. Are they positive and healthy thoughts? Actively practicing gratitude and mindfulness help them be so.

Thinking about drunken nights that could have killed me brings real perspective. Alcohol kills every day. A text conversation with my friend Jenny and a trip back to my cancer center for an appointment yesterday gave me real perspective. Cancer kills every day. Cancer treatment is hard on bodies and psyches. Cancer sucks.

Each and every one of us, alcoholic or not, cancer patient or not, gets the gift of this new day. What do you plan to do with yours?  I plan to live it fully and with deep gratitude.


  1. Thank you for continued gratitude reminders.

    1. And thank you for being a faithful reader. It keeps me motivated and inspired to write on. Onward!


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