From Aldo Nova to Art Garfunkel

Today I am grateful for time with friends I don't see often and for my five working senses. I am especially grateful for my hearing today as I think about songs I love listening to.

To start my A-Z look at music, I start with a low point. That would be what I consider my ultimate drinking song:  Aldo Nova's "Fantasy."  I didn't realize until more recently that the song references cocaine. (We couldn't Google lyrics back then and we sang what we thought we heard.)

I just know that in my drinking days the song fit my brooding mindset--"Can't you see what this crazy life is doing to me? Life is just a fantasy, can you live this fantasy life?" There were drunken nights that I didn't know if I wanted to keep living my crazy life. I am so very grateful for the angels, in human and other forms, who helped me through such nights.

Another "A" artist and song worth a mention is Art Garfunkel and his solo hit "All I Know." It's a beautiful and painful love song. The best kind. Listen to it here. It is one of many songs I like that include Garfunkel on vocals.

To round out the "A" list, a tribute to Glenn Frey of the Eagles. He passed away yesterday. It is his lead vocals I appreciate on "Already Gone."  Read more about the song's meaning in my life here.  

And you can't let this letter go by without a mention of the great singing quartet ABBA. They had so many good songs, and I bet many of you could sing several lines from many of those songs right now. I blogged about ABBA here.

Take a chance on today with an open heart and open ears.


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