"Wild World"-"Heaven Knows"-"Stop! In the Name of Love"

Today I am grateful for Honeycrisp apples and the sound of leaves moving in the breeze.

Yesterday was one of those days that is best captured by some of the songs on my radio's playlist on the commute home from work. It started with Cat Steven's "Wild World."  Between post-debate news and analysis, some sad and unexpected news about a work acquaintance, and conversations that created more "stuff" to worry about and deal with, it indeed felt like a wild world.

But then Donna Summers' "Heaven Knows" came on. I have always liked this song and that helped lift me a little. So did the "heaven knows" reminder. God, a higher source of power, a Great Spirit-whatever you choose to call the power beyond human-has a hand in this wild world and can help tame it. I don't need to have the answers, I just need to do the legwork. Heaven knows. I don't need to waste energy trying to figure it out.

So I was already feeling a little more pep and a little less pessimism when Diana Ross and the Supremes hit the airwaves with "Stop! In the Name of Love." This song begs to be sung out loud. It also happens to be one of the very few songs I have sung while playing karaoke. A few recovery friends and I gave it a whirl many years ago and I still smile about it.

By the time I got home and headed out for a run, my faith in the world had been restored. For that, I am so grateful.


  1. How cool to hear about the songs you have been thinking about. I, too, weirdly, have been really into a couple songs lately. They have been helping me process my grief from losing my dad, sister, and nephew--all to cancer! First is "Rise" by Eddie Vedder, which is on the INTO THE WILD movie soundtrack. Love the lyrics and the music (He's playing the sitar I think) and it helps me get grounded right where I am today. I also have been melancholy listening to "Ventura Highway" by America and "Wooden Ships" by CSNY. Brings me right back to coming into teenage life in the 1970s. Thanks for sharing your music pics. I also have been listening to Cat Stevens, but my top pic is "Moonshadow." I hope your work colleague is okay!! Is it someone I know?

    1. Nice to hear from you Jenny! I just listened to "Rise"-I wasn't familiar with it. I can see why you like it. Such hard work all of your grieving is. Music helps us tap into that range of emotions doesn't it? The person I referenced isn't anyone you know, and doesn't work at school. Sad though. Have you been doing any writing? Up again!


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