The Arrival of Fall

Today I am grateful for supportive friends in recovery and that our mutual care and concern is unconditional. I am also grateful for the changing seasons.

Fall is my favorite season and we have been getting a little taste of it more recently. A touch of chill in the morning. Humidity-laden air being replaced by cooler and drier air. Leaves and other foliage starting to change color.

I welcome these changes every year, but this year even moreso. We had a lot of heat and especially humidity this summer. It seemed like weeks on end with dew points in the 70's. If we got relief, it didn't last long. I would rather be too cold than too hot. It's easier to manage. Being too hot is exhausting and makes me irritable.

I am grateful for my working senses, especially touch and smell, which help me appreciate the transformations underway in nature.

As I welcome the arrival of fall, I will look for more signs and be grateful for them.