A Serious Thing

Today I am grateful for the opportunity to sleep in and for the beautiful morning sky I am looking at.

Thoughts and prayers go out to those in northeast Iowa once again dealing with flooding, just a couple weeks after being hit hard with some of the worst flooding in years.

Today just happens to be American poet Mary Oliver's 81st birthday. Happy Birthday and thank you for your words. Here are some I just came across recently:

"It is a serious thing just to be alive on this fresh morning in this broken world."

Mornings have always been my favorite time of the day. A morning person through and through, I definitely greet the start of the day with energy and freshness. And gratitude. We forget the blessing in being given another day. We take it for granted and forget to honor it. 

It is a serious thing to remember today as an opportunity, even in the midst of challenges like flooding, or illness, addiction, or discontent. Our world is broken in ways, and we humans are broken and imperfect too. As long as there is effort, hope, and moving forward though, that brokenness can lead to experiencing life fully. 

This serious thing called life is also liberating and full of joy waiting to be tapped. Gratitude is the tap. 


  1. I am grateful for each day, but my OC keeps me from the real enjoyment I should have with each day. Keep reminding me and I will get there.

    1. We will keep reminding each other :-) Some days it is a struggle for me to avoid the self-pity that used to always weigh me down. It was my default mode for so long. Change takes time and I am glad my default is now gratitude. Thanks Lana!


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