Today I am grateful for the people in my life who inspire the writer within me. I am also grateful for the faith I have today.

Faith came up in several ways in the last day; messages between old friends, an email, a morning reading. Two quotes came along too:

“Faith doesn’t wait until it understands; in that case it wouldn’t be faith.”
(Vance Havner)

"Faith is the courageous confidence that trusts in the Source of all gifts."
(David Steindl-Rast)

My efforts to find faith and bring it into my daily life have been some of the most important efforts I have made and continue to make. Effort that is well worth the returns. Faith can seem mysterious and hard to define, especially for an ego-driven individual like me who thinks I have to "figure it out."

If I keep trying to figure out faith, I won't find much of it. What I have been taught and shown by others, especially those in recovery from addiction, but also many others in my life, is that actions lead me to faith. Actions like prayer, gratitude practice, reaching out to others for support, pausing to appreciate that it all starts with breathing. 

The Source of all gifts is always there, always available. I just need to let my walls down to allow faith to bring that courageous confidence to help me proceed with the day and do the next right thing, leaving the results up to others more qualified. 

Faith is a leap, but it can also be a walk in nature, appreciating the beauty and what our five senses can take in. Faith is a leap, but it is also accepting that I will be given the strength to handle whatever comes my way today, both negative and positive. Faith is a leap and mindful gratitude creates a parachute to allow me to slow down and notice the Source and other forms of faith.

Faith?? Faith is a leap. Take it. 


  1. I said when the house burned. I don't understand why, but I accept what God has given. I felt the same with cancer. Oh yes, the second time I was sort of kicking and screaming but I did accept. Understanding is not for me to do. Just have the faith to accept life as it is.

    1. I try to remember that expecting less and accepting more is the best use of my energy. That's not always easy, but it is possible. Thanks Lana!


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