Cut Off

Today I am grateful for services like garbage and recycling curbside pickup. I am also grateful for the positive energy I feel from many people around me.

Yesterday morning on my commute, I was cut off by a pickup truck merging from an on-ramp. I was in the far left lane, and I suspect in the other driver's blind spot. Fortunately, I sensed it coming and slowed enough to avoid a collision. I gathered myself and honked the horn, but that other driver may or may not have heard it.

Getting cut off in traffic got me thinking. Life is full of close calls. On the highways and lots of other places. It is always good to check our blind spots-literal and figurative-so as to avoid unpleasant surprises, or worse.

I got busy with my day and went out for a run after I got home from work. Getting cut off came back to mind and I thought yet another random thought about cut offs.  Cut offs in running events mean the time you have to reach to qualify for the next round or be allowed to enter.

The Boston Marathon has cut off requirements and limited entries. It's a marathon I would love to run, but as a 51-year old female, I would need to be faster than the cut off or qualifying time of four hours. The closest I came to that was a marathon 10 years ago. I don't aspire to qualify for Boston. It's not realistic for me.

I simply aspire to keep running, writing, and practicing gratitude. I am grateful I haven't been cut off from those by injury or other circumstances, and that I haven't cut myself off from them. They are far too integral in my day and my pursuit for some peace and serenity in life.


  1. Sometimes I feel like when I am heading in a positive direction the world tries to cut me off. That's not's me who does the cutting off with my old "You are not good enough " messages. I am grateful today for a surgeons skill in removing a skin cancer from my face.

    1. Glad to hear the surgery went well. Life will cut us off at times, but better than us cutting ourselves off. Sometimes the cut off forces us on to a different path and it teaches us more.


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