Little Things

Today I am grateful for a refrigerator stocked with food, and for the police and fire protection in my community.

This was a recent quote on

"In the dew of little things, the heart finds its morning and is refreshed."
Kahlil Gibran

And this was yesterday morning's sunrise, as seen from our driveway:

The picture doesn't quite do justice to the stunning colors and textured layers of clouds, but it captures some of it. How many mornings do I miss such displays because I am too busy or not paying attention?

This scene lasted only a few moments and then the color and light changed and we moved on. Many weekday mornings, I am in the midst of getting ready for work or already on my way to work as the sun is coming up. Depending on where I am in my commute, I can sometimes catch the sunrise.

It is much more enjoyable sitting in one place, such as my recliner in our living room or on one of the chairs on our front patio. Some days those opportunities are tougher to come by, so I seize them when I can.

In reality though, there are always moments in which we can pause. No one is that busy. If you are, then a pause is most necessary. The little things do matter. There is awe and peace in them. Good thoughts to take with me in to a new work week.  Have a good day!