A Simplified List

Today I am grateful for a warm, comfortable bed and waking up next to my husband Darcy.

As I carried the idea of sacred and sophisticated simplicity with me yesterday, I jotted down a few things I did that helped simplify my day. Some of these things I do regularly anyway, but appreciated them a bit more as I realized they help preserve my sanity day in and day out. Others I was more intentional about doing than I typically would be.

Here are some of those things:
-I left a bag of clothes in the car instead of hauling them to my office.  There was only an outside chance I would need them, and if I did, I could just go get them. (Formerly, I would have lugged them in "just in case.")

-As a commuting driver, on metro multi-lane roads, I know what lane it is best to be in when going through certain areas. Lanes that keep me moving, keep me safer, require less maneuvering.

-I concluded that a work question I had really wasn't one I needed to pursue. Sometimes it is okay to say "Not my problem!" and move on to the things that are definitely mine to take care of.

-Taking the time to put more paper in the copier, not because I needed more, but rather because I have been that person in a hurry who tries to make a few copies and runs put of paper at an inopportune time. I could help prevent that from happening to a co-worker, at least for a while.

-I slowed down and sat down for my lunch. Some days I eat on the run because I am "too busy."
Yesterday, I savored the simple smoothness of my Greek yogurt instead of snarfing it down in a hurry.

Sacred and sophisticated simplicity. I took the day in stride and even had some extra energy.
Pausing. Paying attention. Slowing down. Simplifying. They work, if I work them. 


  1. I'm taking advice from you. I am going to simplify what I can. Life is short. We need to enjoy rather than complicate.

    1. Enjoy rather than complicate. Let's go with that :-) Writing a few things down helped me remember my goal of simplicity too. Thanks Lana!


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