Gentle Strength

Today I am grateful for time with our grandson Leo. He always spreads smiles. I am also grateful for
my husband Darcy and how we are sounding boards for one another.

Happy Birthday wishes to both my sister Leonice and my brother Neal! They were born on the same day seven years apart.

The following quote, from one of my favorite patron saints, gives us each plenty to consider. Thank you to my colleague and friend Linda for sharing it with me.

“There is nothing so strong as gentleness, and nothing so gentle as real strength.”
St. Francis de Sales

Read more of my thoughts on St. Francis de Sales here in a post on my second blog Late Bloomer and Slow Learner. 

I get ideas in my head about what words mean and it sticks. We all do it. Our own life experiences and beliefs help define a word beyond what the dictionary says. But it is good to always keep an open mind.

New experiences. Other people and their perspectives. A lesson we didn't ask for but got anyway. These can all change the significance of words and their meaning to us.

I wouldn't have typically put strong and gentle together. Yet, St. Francis de Sales puts them together in a way that really makes sense. Gentle strength. Strength in compassion. Good goals to strive for today.


  1. This dude, St. Francis DeSales, is very perceptive and speaks from the wisdom of faith and heart. Today I am grateful for all my brothers and sisters...we are all so cool! I am also grateful that I still have time to be a Grandma if Tyler gets with the program.

    1. Thank you cool sister! I am glad that we have discovered more of St. Francis' wisdom, even if we may have missed it in our earlier years. Grandparenthood can come expectedly or unexpectedly. Either way, it is a gift.


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