Targeted Exercises

Today I am grateful for a nice meal on an outdoor patio with Darcy last evening. I am also grateful for exercises that help keep my joints and core stronger.

Exercises targeted to certain body parts have really been helpful to me. I have several that I try to do two to three days a week, a set or two of each. Thank you to Runner's World magazine for providing suggestions for knee and hip exercises to help runners. My left hip and right knee can be achy and out of whack at times; but mountain climbers, squat jumps, and side leg raises have all made a difference in less pain and more stability.

It takes discipline, and some mornings I don't feel like doing them. But I always feel better after I do. Besides, the results are evident. Evident in the strength and stability and less pain post-run.

That is how the targeted exercise of habitual gratitude practice works too. It takes discipline and some days I don't feel like doing it. But I always feel better after I do, and stronger in the faith that today will be manageable and have evidence of grace in it.

Today, I will do targeted mental and physical exercises to lend strength and stability to my day, my mind, my body, and my soul.