Today I am grateful for the soothing sound of a clock ticking in the morning quiet and for the predictable nature of our dog Oliver.

I appreciate the words and poetry of Emily Dickinson in many ways.  Here is a quote of hers I just saw for the first time:

"I dwell in possibility."

The other evening I wanted to write but my heart wasn't in it. Mostly I was tired and needed to
just be done for the day.

I allowed myself to do just that--be done for the day. I knew the passion and motivation would return. It did the next morning, with many ideas in my head. 

Dwelling in possibility is what helped. Don't force what isn't there now. Believe in
possibility and give it time.

Yeah but, some will say, dwelling in negative possibilities can be detrimental. They sure can! That's why I try to avoid dwelling there, and that's why gratitude practice is so helpful.  And I think Emily Dickinson was referring to healthy and nurturing possibilities when she wrote the four words above.

Today I will strive to dwell in positive possibility.