The Ultimate Sophistication

Today I am grateful for recovery from alcoholism and the people who support me in that recovery. I am also grateful for pizza, one of my favorite meals.

Consider these five words:
"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication."
Leonardo da Vinci

For someone who has spent too much time overcomplicating way too many relationships, situations, to-do lists, and such, even if just in my own mind, simplicity can be a tall order. 

The way I have previously defined it, sophistication leans toward complex and worldly. People who knew how to look and act in any and all situations were sophisticated, but I sure wasn't.

Another way to define sophisticated is knowledgeable. It took me some time, and trial and error, to realize that doing more isn't always better than doing less, that complicated isn't better than simple. In fact, for me, doing too much is a common pitfall. Overthinking and complicating things is a real energy drain.

Thank you Leonardo da Vinci. Your words are as applicable today, maybe moreso, than they were when you wrote them 500 years ago.

Today, my goal is simplicity. Sacred simplicity.


  1. I so agree but how to attain this. I over think, lose sleep over not getting everything done the night before. I pray and try to not go into that direction but there it is again.

    1. I so understand what you are saying Lana! I am really practicing pausing when I start to get spun up. Actually, I need to pause before I get spun up, otherwise it is too late. Progress is my goal. Little steps. Thanks!

    2. Perfect words as I prepare for a really busy, fun week! All my kids and grandkids will be home for my nieces wedding this weekend! Not going to stress about food or where everyone will sleep. It will all work out, it always does. I'm going to enjoy helping my niece with decorating and spending time with family! (Now I might have to read what I just wrote every 5 minutes or so!!)

    3. Enjoy the week and a happy family event 😊 Things do always seem to work out don't they? I have to repeat the healthy messages to myself daily and sometimes numerous times a day. Pause as needed ☮


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