Apples and More Apples

Today I am grateful for fresh produce and for a fresh morning to welcome a new day.

While visiting family this last weekend, my mom sent us back home with garden tomatoes and cucumbers. She enjoys being able to share. In fact, she practically insists. We are happy to oblige. The fresh-from-the-garden taste simply can't be matched.

When my brother called to see if we wanted some apples too, we again obliged. It was fun to go over to the farm I grew up on and help pick a couple boxes of apples from a loaded tree. A tree that has been there for decades, even though the area and buildings around have changed some.

We left some apples with my mom and then brought a bigger box home. I peeled dozens and dozens of apples the last couple of evenings. First, I made some apple crisp and then some applesauce.  I appreciate that my hands and fingers are still pretty adept at peeling. We learned many practical skills as we contributed to preparing our family meals growing up.

There is something therapeutic in the simple tasks of life, like peeling apples. And there is certainly enjoyment in the partaking of the results of those efforts. Warm apple crisp and vanilla ice cream are a great pair.

Thank you Mom for teaching us those kitchen skills and thank you Linus and Elaine for the apples!