Lurking and Skulking

Today I am grateful for morning air and quiet. I am also deeply grateful for my health and to be able-bodied.

Working in a school, and also being involved in our community in several ways and our son's activities, I know literally hundreds of people. Many are mere acquaintances, but there are still connections and recognition.

It's not unusual to hear of health concerns others have, cancer being one of them. Sometimes the news is hopeful and the prognosis good. Sometimes the news is dire and the hope in short supply.

Damn cancer! It is always lurking and skulking about. News in recent days has me thinking about and praying for more cancer patients. I don't know these latest ones personally, but it brings to the forefront of my mind my own lurking fear of cancer's return in my body or in someone close to me.

Damn cancer! Sometimes it claims another victim. At other times it throws someone a major curve ball, but they recover and return to a new normal.

I am very fortunate to be one of the latter. Major curve ball in 2008, a return to health, and my new normal pretty much allows me to do everything I did before my diagnosis.

Yet, the fear always lurks. There are no guarantees-complete cure or otherwise-when it comes to cancer. Hearing of others' diagnoses finds that fear skulking in the corners of my mind more. Gratitude is helpful in bringing the fear out of the shadows. It never totally leaves, but when I focus on gratitude, the fear dissipates.  Less lurking and skulking.

All any of us get is today. Cancer diagnosis or not. Life is precious. Life is fragile. Carpe diem!