Radio Free Lisa

Today I am grateful for a nice evening for family pictures and for each of the other six people who were in the pictures.

Yesterday we did a "shorter" training run of 12 miles or so. I got an earlier start than Darcy and we had agreed to do solo runs anyway. Sometimes after a busy week, we each appreciate time to clear our own heads.

We have one arm-band radio, and Darcy used that. I know I could use my phone for music, but I am finding that I appreciate the quiet and it helps me be more aware of my surroundings and the thoughts going through my head. So it was "Radio Free Lisa" for a couple hours.

Similar to the goal of Radio Free Europe, information got through my mind that maybe wouldn't have otherwise. I would have missed some of the sounds of nature and a community coming to life on a Saturday morning.

Or the smile and wave I shared with a little girl who was standing by her parents in their driveway. She watched me approach across the street and then started to wave. I waved and smiled and she smiled back. Such a simple human connection, yet so important to share smiles.

And the time to reflect on our son Sam's advancing age as I did a tour of his old schools--running past his middle school and then his elementary. He spent four years at each, and now he has just begun his four year high school journey.

I ran out of some of the week's work stress and ran into some more writing ideas. Radio free Lisa, gratefully signing off.