Efficiency Appreciated

Today I am grateful for the efficient staff at our local medical clinic and that Sam's finger isn't broken.  I am also grateful for insurance.

I was looking for a relaxing evening yesterday; a bike ride after dinner, some time to write. Then, I picked my son Sam up from football practice. He thought he might have broken his finger. As I took a look and asked some questions, I thought it more likely to be badly jammed.

But I do err on the side of caution and would rather know for sure. He felt the same way. It is times like this that I sure appreciate having medical insurance and good coverage. Many don't have that, and I tend to take it for granted.

We called the clinic to see about an appointment. The first person we spoke with put us on the line with a triage nurse. Sam talked to her as she tried to rule out our need for the ER or something else. It was determined the clinic could help us, as it didn't seem to be badly broken or distorted.

Our appointment was just over an hour later. That gave us time to eat, Sam got ice on his finger, and I still got a bike ride in, though a shorter one. We arrived at the clinic, checked in, and barely sat down before being called to an exam room. Within 25 minutes, we were heading home. The nurse and the PA who helped us weren't rushing, they were just efficient. They were also friendly and caring.

Sam's hand was X-rayed, showing no obvious break. We discussed a brace vs. buddy-taping. It all went smoothly and quickly. I even had a little time to write while Sam was getting X-rays and as we waited for the PA.

Their efficiency and professional approach were appreciated. What seemed like a curve ball thrown into our day really didn't throw us off course too much. Thank you!