We Belong

Today I am grateful for a great concert from Pat Benatar and Neil Giraldo on Friday night at a local venue. I am also grateful for the school community I work in.

After a difficult and emotional day at work on Friday, part of me wasn't up to going to a concert. But it is exactly what I needed to do. Pat Benatar's songs were my coming of age songs. I love the fact that her and Neil Giraldo have been creating music together for 38 years and been married for 34. They are a wonderful duo. Her voice. His guitar. Wow!

Their current tour is the "We Live for Love" tour:

They, of course, performed the song "We Live For Love" along with most of my favorites. They opened with "All Fired Up," included the moving "Hell is for Children" as they do in each show, gave a tasteful tribute to the late Prince, did a couple of songs acoustically, and wrapped up with "Heartbreaker."

One of my favorite songs is "We Belong." The words "we belong to the light . . ." are part of the lyrics. We each deserve and are worthy of the hope in light, the escape from darkness that we may be caught in. We each belong right here, right now. We each belong together with those we love. And we each belong in a place of mindful gratitude because we are truly blessed to be here.