Today I am grateful for warm milk on my cereal and for the things I have been able to both start and finish in my life.

Though she faced many hours on the course and issues with her prosthetic limb, Adrianne Haslet-Davis has a Boston Marathon finisher's medal to wear. She was cheered home by hundreds of spectators who waited into the evening to see her finish.  Here is the story from a local Boston news channel, and it includes video of Haslet-Davis finishing nearly 10 hours after starting.

Patrick Downes is another Boston Marathon bombing survivor and amputee like Haslet-Davis. They both set out to run the 26.2 miles from Hopkinton to Boston yesterday on their prosthetic limbs. Downes became the first bombing victim to finish the marathon course entirely on foot.

Downes' wife Jessica Kensky also lost a leg in the bombing. Her and Patrick hand-cycled the marathon in 2014 and he also hand-cycled it in 2015. Setbacks and continuing surgeries kept Kensky from running, but she was there when her husband finished and he pushed her across the finish line in her wheelchair. See a news clip here.

Finishers, all of them! It brought back memories of the 2009 Kansas City Marathon for me. I ran it and finished it next to my husband Darcy ten months to the day since having bilateral mastectomies. Downes, Kensky, and Haslet-Davis didn't volunteer to be seriously injured in a bombing attack. I didn't volunteer to get breast cancer.

We all lost body parts. We all started over in the land of "new normal."  Onward!