Have a good run Adrianne!

Today I am grateful for great weather this weekend and for family time in our backyard.

Today is the 120th running of the storied Boston Marathon and the third running of it since the terrible bombings in 2013. Adrianne Haslet-Davis was one of the victims of the bombing. She survived, but lost her left foot below the knee. If you read what she has said post-bombings, she prefers to be known not as a victim but as a survivor. That sums up her approach to life as well.

That is an approach I appreciate, and in my own ways also live by. I am not a victim of alcoholism or breast cancer. They are part of my story, significant parts, but what a beautiful thing that life goes on.

Haslet-Davis, a professional ballroom dancer and dance instructor, dances and runs on a prosthetic limb. She speaks around the country and she is running to raise money for the Limbs for Life Foundation. This organization provides prosthetics for those unable to get their own.

Read her recent Glamour Magazine interview.

I wrote about Haslet-Davis previously on this blog. Read To Dance Again from April 26, 2013, just weeks after the bombings.

She Did Dance Again is a post from April 22, 2014, which includes a link to a TedTalk given by Hugh Herr and shows Haslet-Davis fulfilling her goal to dance again.

One of her other goals was to run the Boston Marathon. She will be at the starting line this morning, with about 32,000 other runners. Have a good run Adrianne!

We know not the twists and turns we may face in our lives. What we can know is that our own attitudes and actions can impact that life in profound ways each and every day.