Do you hear them?

Today I am grateful for sidewalks, roads, and bridges to help us get around.  I am also grateful for the many ways I can regularly connect with others in recovery.

Do you hear them? The birds singing that is. I didn't hear many this morning when I walked Oliver. It is chilly and rainy, but they've been out and about providing music for a few weeks now.  Am I taking the time to pause and listen? Are you?

I used to tell myself I was too busy to pause. Not anymore. If I am too busy, that is when I especially need to make time to pause and regroup.

Whether it is to hear the birds, breathe in and out, or taking a look around at that moment and acknowledging a couple of things to be grateful for, a pause can make all the difference.

A recovery friend made a really insightful point the other day regarding birds and other non-human creatures and critters. They know how to just be. They sing, bark, eat, sleep. They aren't busy trying to be perfect or win anything. We humans could learn from that.

Today I will do my best to listen, both from without and from within.