Open Spaces

Today I am grateful for our son Sam and the life lessons we learn together. I am also grateful for the open spaces in my life.

I was thinking about open spaces this morning and here are some of the random thoughts that came:

*walking out our door early in the morning to walk our dog Oliver and stepping into
wide open space and sky is invigorating to me

*having a nice day to give our middle school students a chance to run and play
in an open green space is appreciated by young and old alike

*living near a golf course means we are granted more open space than some neighborhoods
and I like that about our neighborhood

*late fall and through the winter, bare trees and dormant plants mean more open space
and different views, but now I am ready for leaves and new growth to fill those open spaces

*I need open spaces in my head to let fresh ideas take hold and spread, and in my heart to let forgiveness and compassion clear out anger and selfishness

Open spaces help us open up. I am grateful for them in their many forms.