Today I am grateful for the school community I work in, which also happens to be a faith community.
I am also grateful for the routines of daily life and work that help bring calm.

Special prayers continue for the family, friends, and classmates of one of our students. He died last Thursday, just weeks before his 16th birthday. His funeral was yesterday.

It is so very sad. The days have been emotional and draining, but the support has been there within
the literal and figurative spaces of our school community.

And today there is a return to some sense of routine for me personally and for our students. It is good for me to be blogging this morning, taking Oliver for a walk, writing in my gratitude journal. Those actions are a regular part of my routine.

It will also be good to have a regular school day for those who need to return to business as usual.

Routines bring order, direction, and a sense of peace to our days. I appreciate this all the more after several days of anything but routine times.


  1. Very sad indeed. Hard to comprehend. Thoughts and prayers are with you and your school community.

    1. Thank you Steve. There are some "whys" that don't get answered in ways we can understand. Keep the thoughts and prayers coming, especially for the family.


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