The Feature of Featured Posts

Today I am grateful for recovery connections that help keep me on the right path. I am also grateful for early morning quiet and the awe of stars in the pre-dawn sky.

When you visit Habitual Gratitude now you will see a new feature on the top right-hand
side of the post page. It is called "Featured Post."  I will be using it to pull out some of my many previous posts that I want to highlight and give readers a chance to see again
or read for the first time.

If I don't post on some days, you can check out the featured post. I will change it periodically.  Of course, you can always go back in the archives and look at any post you want as well, it just takes a few more steps.

It was an easy gadget to add, but since I am not much of a gadget person, I was proud of myself nonetheless for being able to figure it out.

My current featured post is titled "Two Diseases That Kill."