Steve Foran's Daily Gratitudes

Today I am grateful for laughter and the healing properties it possesses. I am also grateful for candles lit and glowing, to bring remembrance and peace and for Steve Foran.

Steve Foran was one of my first blog readers and remains one of the most faithful. I've never met him, though in ways I feel like I know him. We share a common idea that gratitude transforms lives, families, workplaces and the world.

We both would agree that gratitude shared is gratitude multiplied and that gratitude is always possible.

Steve focuses more on gratitude in the workplace. I focus on gratitude more in our personal, daily lives. But they are really one and the same. Focusing on gratitude in one area of our day or life helps brings it to the other areas and moments. And we become more energized, more flexible, more calm-whether as a co-worker, a spouse, a parent, or fellow humans crossing paths with one another.

I have written some other posts about Steve Foran. Check a couple of them out here (from October of 2013) and here (from June of 2015).

I also encourage you to check out his website and within that website the area called Daily Gratitudes.  Add your own three things to the ongoing contributions of gratefulness.
Sign up to have Steve's three and a guest contributor's three sent to your email.

Thanks Steve for all you do to help others tap into the abundant store of gratitudes that exist in each of us if we just take the time.  Onward!


  1. Yeah Steve. Glad you met up wth him. I signed up for Daily Gratitudes. Thanks for link.

    1. I am glad you signed up for Daily Gratitudes. I am this week's guest contributor, but I like how he has it set up for any and all to add to the list.
      Let's both keep adding to that list!

  2. This is very humbling Lisa. You need to know how you gratitude practice continues to influence me. Thank you so much for Habitual Gratitude.


    1. Thank YOU for Daily Gratitudes and your efforts to practice and share
      the appreciation that is ours for the taking if we just pause and pay attention. Humbling is a fitting word when I think of how blessed I am.


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