The Eagle Has Landed

Today I am grateful for gorgeous weather and time to enjoy it. I am also grateful for my son Sam and his insights and thought processes.

I am also grateful for the 10-mile run Darcy and I put in yesterday. On our route, we headed out of town on a trail that takes us to a park along the bluffs of the Mississippi. Talk about open spaces! We haven't built up our mileage enough to get the river view from the bluffs yet, but we will.

We were, however, treated to an eagle sighting on our route. It is not an uncommon sight anymore, but the fact that it was close to us, flew closer, and then glided to a landing in the nearby field was a treat. They are majestic and graceful creatures.

I will admit that once it landed I tried for a photo opp. I was having a hard time getting my camera ready on my phone and the eagle flew away. Serves me right. Some things aren't meant to be captured on camera. Rather, just pause and enjoy.

Just pause and enjoy.