Posting Habitually = 1300 Posts + Much More

Today I am grateful for this blog and the many gifts and graces that practicing gratitude and living gratefully have given me.

Yesterday marked post #1300 for "Habitual Gratitude."  I wouldn't necessarily be counting the posts if the blog program didn't do it for me, but I have started a tradition of marking every 100 posts.

My blog's name was inspired by my sister Danita. She used "habitual gratitude" in an email and it was the click of inspiration in my head and heart that allowed me to name my blog and begin posting after much contemplation and some amount of fear. Thanks Danita!

I had already made gratitude a habit long before this blog, however. It started with a gratitude journal given to me by my friend Terrie. I was a reluctant grateful person at first, and still can be on some days, but it was the start of something life-changing. Thanks Terrie!

There have been so many people who have shown up in my gratitude journal and in the 1300 posts on this blog. There have been so many positive and energizing moments captured in simple words on page and screen.

How could I go from struggling to accept myself while simultaneously holding myself back, to a person who allowed herself to believe and take risks? How could I begin feeling more worthy after feeling so much self-loathing?

Practicing gratitude regularly is one of the key ingredients in these shifts in my life. What started as microscopic shifts in how I perceived myself and the world around me has led to a monumental shift in my overall view of the world and myself.

Wow! That's really all there is to say.


  1. Wow - 1300 - way to go! And a big thank you for enhancing my gratitude practice.

    1. Thank you for reading and providing me with writing material in a variety of ways :-)

  2. Congratulations and thank you for your ongoing encouragement and support. I look forward to Habitual Gratitude each morning.

    1. Thank YOU Steve for being a faithful reader! I so appreciate others who see not only the potential in spreading gratitude, but the wonderful reality when it happens. Onward!


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