A Morning Person

Today I am grateful for all the sounds I am hearing as I sit on our front porch. I am also grateful to be a morning person.

Morning person. That is me, through and through. My husband Darcy likes to say I "catapult out of bed" each day. Not exactly. But most mornings I do get up with energy and anticipation.

The weather has turned milder and I am able to enjoy a few minutes with a cup of coffee, the singing birds, and the fresh air from our front patio. I am also enjoying composing these words and giving my writing and gratitude practice some time and attention to start my day.

Besides the birds singing, I hear the traffic on the nearby road heading into and out of town. I am not the only morning person. Some on the road already may be there grudgingly, others may be like me, ready and willing to head into the day. Either way, the day comes. Might as well look forward to the possibilities and be grateful to get another fresh day.

My other favorite morning sound isn't a sound, it's the silence, the quiet. It is what I love about early mornings. I find peace and calm in the quietude. It is a good way for this sometimes overactive over thinker to begin her day.


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