Quieting . . . Counting . . . Sweating

Today I am grateful for the birds singing and the clouds clearing after a few dreary, chilly, and wet days. I am also grateful for laughter.

The last week has been exhausting and emotional at work, which of course trickles over into the hours outside of work. I have reminded myself to be kind and gentle to all, myself included. It can start with quiet for me.

Usually I give myself ten minutes or so at the beginning of both my commute to and from work when I keep it quiet. No radio. No songs or news. Just quiet and road noise. It calms me. Yesterday, the quiet was feeling especially comforting, so I kept it that way for my entire commute of thirty minutes.

It helped. When I arrived home, it was raining and a run outside wasn't an appealing idea at all. But I had the urge to get some sweat going. I headed down to our home "gym"- an old Nordic Track machine we got free, my trusty old jump rope, our new exercise bike, all of which I am very grateful to have.

Often when I exercise, I am thinking through the day's "stuff" or some goals and ideas I may have. Yesterday, I didn't need any thoughts. I needed more of that quiet. So I counted the back and forth of the Nordic Track skis. It was a brain washing of sorts.

It helped.  Within a few minutes the sweat was flowing. That helped too.

Quiet. Counting. Sweating. Kind and gentle with self and others.