Amnestic Experience

Today I am grateful for the chance to see our niece Maycee play college softball yesterday and to see her family too.  I am also grateful to have survived my drinking days.

I was recently previewing a video for possible use in our prevention efforts with teens at the school I work at. It was titled "Top Ten Reasons Not To Drink Alcohol." It is a catchy approach and may reach students.

It has already reached me with a reminder. The video used the term "amnestic experience." Blackouts. Memory loss. Caused by excessive alcohol consumption.

I don't ever recall hearing the term amnestic experience before, but I sure know what it is. I had many, many episodes of blacking out in my 10-year drinking career. They led to mental torture the next day. They kept telling me I wasn't a normal drinker and that I needed help. Gratefully, others helped me see I needed that help and I got to it. I keep getting to it daily.

I am still here. I could have died or killed someone else during those amnestic experiences. I am still here. I found recovery and support. I am deeply blessed and trying to keep paying it forward.